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Longtime reader, first-time poster. I thought for my first post I'd at least offer some feedback versus asking for help. In any event, here's a short review of my experience with CarMax's extended warranty.

No hassles (at least with this repair); highly recommended

I bought my 2012 V Sedan A6 in February 2020 with just over 34k miles from a CarMax in Georgia, which was a great experience overall. I paid just under $1,000 for the warranty for up to 75k miles/5 years of coverage (whichever comes first) from the date of purchase. My deductible is $250 if I have CarMax do a covered repair - $300 if I have Cadillac do it.

This week I found spots of grease on my rear bumper during a routine carwash. I initially thought nothing of it (e.g., road grime), but I then noticed the same pattern of grease on my bumper two days later. I looked underneath and discovered a fair amount of grease had been slung from my passenger-side CV joint all over the place. Apologies for the lack of a picture. Here's a picture I hijacked from another thread with a red arrow I added to indicate the problem spot:

I went to my local Cadillac dealership (Classic Cadillac of Atlanta - great place), and they confirmed the diagnosis. They called MaxCare and the claim was approved over the phone without requiring an adjuster or even pictures. What would have cost me about $900 for parts and labor for a new passenger side axle assembly will now only be $300 thanks to the extended warranty.

I know this was a minor repair cost-wise, compared to replacement of a blower or an entire engine. Nevertheless, I thought I'd share my experience for anyone out there considering CarMax's extended warranty.
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