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Can you drive it like this?

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2018 V3. I have the IC pump removed, front bumper off and supercharger belt off. Forgive my ignorance but can I drive the car like this just to get it on a trailer?
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Why not?

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I have never had to deal with this situation, I assumed it was ok just making sure
Should be ok to load it on a trailer. Make sure wires and hoses don’t get caught on anything rotating.

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It's not gonna run very well, but if it runs good enough to drive it on a trailer, you're not going to harm anything with the car in this state of disassembly unless it falls on the ground and you run it over.

Hell, I drove my car a few miles with NO FUCKING WATER IN THE RADIATOR thanks to a rusted piece of crap OEM lower radiator hose clamp, and other than the crappy limp-home performance (which was barely capable of moving the car, TBT), no harm done.
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Just get yourself a harbor freight 20% off coupon and head down there and get a winch. Should be a drop in the bucket compared to whatever you're doing on a V3, and every trailer should have a winch anyways.
Ok I had to hook up the airbox and maf butb
all went well. Thanks
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