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Hello all.

I have purchased the BTR Stage 3 Torque Cam for my 11 CTS-V A6 auto.

From all of you that have this cam and when you had it on the dyno:
What do you say your operating RPM range of this cam is and what is your shift point RPM?
I'm wondering what peak HP and peak Torque RPM you had?

I'm looking at a complete mod package all at once, that I will do and then get the best tune I can; I have HP tuners but this is too big and I'm not that versed for all of the tune..
Build: All cooling mods with Vadder Huge triple core HE, Fueling Mod of DW300C Dual Deatschwerks Pumps, CAM: BTR Stage 3 Torque Cam with their .660 spring kit and Titanium Retainers, Refresh of the engine: 103555HV Melling Oil pump, LS9 GM head gaskets, valve job, etc. Going to go with ported Heads from Texas Speed, Head Studs, New Ferrea Intake hollow stem valves, New GM Inconel exhaust valves, New Large Snout, 102mm Throttle body. Grip tech 2.45 upper, 9.60 lower. ATI Super Damper. 2 inch headers, 3 inch X pipe, cat converter delete, stock mufflers with the 24 inch MBRP resonators added for drone and quiet this beast.
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