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Blackwing lid

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Hey, have anyone tried the blackwing lid on a cts-v ?

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I installed it on my 2016 and it mounts up perfectly but is too tall requiring the strut brace to be removed. Check out this long thread.

Over the xmas break, I decided to modify the lid by removing material and grinding it flat in order to put the strut bar back on. Here is the finished lid that’ll be installed sometime in the next few weeks.

Bumper Gadget Automotive exterior Rectangle Wood

At this point, I’d recommend the DSX lid as it’s far better in design, finish, and is professionally done. The blackwing aspect was pretty cool and was also cheaper but what I’ve recently done negates the BW uniqueness factor and lower cost.
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@chalizmo what about the hood clearance
Seems like it will work without the strut bar. After adding the spacers to raise the strut bar, I am guessing he has not done that yet. At this point it looks like he milled down the lid to get the strut to fit without adding the spacers. You can always try it and report back.......!
I was going to use spacers to raise the strut bar over the unmodified lid but decided against it wanting a more structurally sound mount to the body. So while I don’t know if a raised strut bar will hit the hood, I do know the unmodified lid doesn’t have a problem without the strut bar installed like some people do. In summary, the unmodified BW lid was a big fail if you want to retain the strut mount bar without doing any hokey spacer hacks.
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