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Black Chrome V2 Wheels -Coupe Rear and Sedan/Wagon Rear with Spacers + Michelin AS3's-SOLD

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SOLD - headed to the NE via big brown.

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Dang wish you were local.

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Those are beautiful and exactly what I want for my V but unfortunately I have a Coupe and need at least a 19x10 rear, I run a 305/35 MPSS. I have not found that available on their website. On a side note, how do you match the remaining chrome on your car to match this, or do you? I would love to go black chrome all the way around. Any insight would be appreciated. My car is Black Raven.
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Rear wheels are Coupe 19x10 as stated in the listing. The chrome on the car was wrapped in black vinyl. Doesn't match but it still looks good.
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