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Big 3 Electrical Upgrade

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Has anyone done a "Big 3" electrical upgrade in their V2? I'm about to put a little audio upgrade together in my 13 v coupe. And I have no intentions of upgrading my alternator. I'm gonna be running a 2000 watt RMS amp for my subwoofer. So I'll most likely upgrade my battery to an XS Power agm along with my little add on lithium titanate battery. But it would probably be a good idea to beef up my electrical wiring, assuming it's possible in these cars. I've never done a Big 3 on a car with the battery in the trunk. So that's why I need some help from anyone that has
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You could upgrade the grounds from the battery to the chassis and engine to chassis for sure, not sure you'd gain much though. Larger gauge from alt to fuse block, from front fuse block to battery would be the big pain in the cock though. Not sure how guys work around the field turning on and off in the alternator on newer stuff, been out of the audio game a while now. It may react fast enough to make no notable difference.
There is a way to bypass the current loop... And I believe I did it when I LS3 swapped my tbss, however the method evades my mind right now.
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