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Are LSA Stock Manifolds Similar to Others?

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I find myself in a bind because I have my build at the point of ready to crank after a long long process. I have headers but they are at the coater’s for a couple more weeks.
I need to scrounge up either manifolds OR headers LOCALLY as in in the morning and there’s a junkyard very close by.
Is there an LS application that is similar to the original V manifolds? As in Camaro or truck or….. that would fit in the V’s engine bay for test runs?
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Are you just wanting to get it running?
SS Sports Sedan and Camaro are different. Escalade, maybe?
Looking at RockAuto pics, it looks like the V parts are unique (who’d’ve thunk it, right?)
it’s these first two versus exiting further rearward on most others.
Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Technology

This is what most truck pieces look like
while Vette units dump in the center
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I have a line on a set from a ‘15 that I can get tomorrow and that’s now my fall-back if nothing else pops up.
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