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Another oil leak thread

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2012 coupe, I noticed an oil leak (I thought was the rear main), then I slid under the car, noticed the oil filter was loose. I changed the oil, tightened the filter pretty snug this time, wiped it all down. A few days later, more oil. I do have a catch can but it only goes to the valley and S/C. My valve covers do not seem to be leaking. The leak appears to be coming from above the oil filter, on the drivers side of the engine. Anything specific I should look for? Is it possible that it’s coming from the PVC on the valve covers and spilling over?
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The bracket the oil filter housing mounts to the block has a tendency to leak.....try righting the bracket or replace the gasket.
This one?

Or this one?
So I hear that these leak all the time and often do even with new gaskets. I’m planning on using RTV as well but are there any tips/ tricks before I get started?
I replaced the gasket, lapped both mating surfaces, also did an unexpected coolant flush.....

I still have a leak, its being blown back all over the transmission pan and exhaust. It does not look like a rear main. Maybe back of heads, or somewhere on the top of the block? Any ideas?
Oil pan gasket?
Just to add closure to this thread, the leak was actually unburned oil from the S/C due to a catch can issue:
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