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ANOTHER help me thread

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2012 Coupe. I notice a rubbing sound when turning slow. It happens at all wheel positions, not just lock to lock. I see a place that runs at full lock but that doesn’t explain the sound. I’m thinking UCAs but they don’t feel loose 🤷‍♂️. It’s coming from the front end for sure. Any ideas where to start looking?
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Raise the car, remove front wheels and inspect the inner fender liners, the steering knuckles and the calipers for signs of rubbing.
Assuming the car is properly aligned, this sounds like a wheel bearing on its way out to me. It's not dealing with the axial load so you don't hear it unless you're turning but it doesn't matter how much you turn. Might make some noise going straight too, just not loud enough to hear.
my guess would be on plastic inner fender pieces that are not fully secured. Have someone stand in a parking lot while you drive slowly around them both ways and see if they can locate the source from outside.
Things like this can really be frustrating where the noise can only be duplicated in a dynamic situation. Gotta play forensic detective looking for minute signs of contact sometimes.

I'm chasing a rub on a golf cart right now that's alluding me, so I can empathize, but on a smaller/cheaper scale.
I changed the UCAs this weekend, the noise is still there. It really does sound like a tire rubbing. It’s really noticeable when reversing and turning. I do not see any evidence of rubbing except at full lock though.
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