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Have any of you guys had anything weird happen while your interceptors were plugged in? This past week I have been getting a random service traction control light but no codes for wheel speed sensors or anything. I went through and verified grounds are clean, wheel speed sensors are plugged in and not shorted, electronic suspension plugs look good, fuses all look good with no signs of arcing. I figured one of these days the real culprit will show up and it'll be something I haven't checked.

Well today my interceptor gauge took fooorrreeeevvvveeerrr to boot up. Usually it's booted up and running by the time I am backed out of the garage and start rolling down the road. Today it took about three times as long to boot up, then stuck on the screen saying the annunciator has not been setup. At this point I was already cruising through the neighborhood and my speedo went nuts and the service traction control popped up. I unplugged my gauge and it all went away and worked great. I gave it about 10 minutes or so while I went to the gas station and filled up, decided to plug it back in and head to work. It did it again.

I already sent an email to AeroForce but wanted to drop in here to see if any of you have seen anything weird related to your gauges before. I have loved the gauge so far and was thinking about getting a second one. My buddy liked it too and got one for his turbo Sierra project but had tons of issues and never got it to work on his truck, I assumed he just got a lemon for a device and their support kinda sucked.
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