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I have the flex failsafe gauge 30-4900 I think that's the number.
I'm at work so i can't check.

My question is where do you pickup the 5v signal?
I have it connected to the 5v wire I'm using for the DSX flex sensor.

My problem is that the gauge almost always reads ( Uego sensor offline.)
sometimes it comes on but it will come on if I reset it with my laptop.

I had the 12v wire hooked up into the front underhood fuse panel with an add a fuse.
Thought that could have been the problem so i redid the 12v to the lighter wires.
Did that just to confirm i am getting good voltage.

I only need 3 wires red 12v and black and the green wire for the 5v signal.
all the rest of the wires are for datalogger which i am not running.

anyone have any advise?
it would be greatly appreciated.
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