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Advice Request - Wheels & Tires -2010 CTS-V

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Hi All. Looking to change to a new set of wheels and tires and I would like advice as to if a non-staggerd set will look and perform as well as the staggered OEM set. I was looking at going to 20" wheels, but I'm wondering if I should just stick with the 19" (either staggered or non) and would be a better choice?

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I use a non staggered front sized set for my winter wheels, but I live in an area that gets snow and wider tires are not necessarily good for plowing through snow. More buildup in front of tires. I would not do that for summer tires. You don't want wider tires in the front. Why would you want narrower tires in the rear?

What kind of driving do you do? If you go with 20's you you'll probably end up with slightly smaller sidewalls. Will that impact your use? Rather than repeating what's been written start here:
20" wheels?? and Tired of BS
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I wouldn't go with 20s never like the fact of having very little sidewall.

Personally I'd stick with staggerd set up imo it makes the car look meaner. Let us know what route you go hope your happy no matter what with the end result. Good luck 👍
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