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The good lord shined her light on me and gifted me with half off a new set of Michelin tires, which I took as a sign to get a new set of wheels along with them.

I am stuck between the Gloss Black 20" Ace Convex and the Matte Black (Do not think they come in gloss) 20" Niche Essen. I was hoping someone is running either and had pictures of how they look. My car is currently factory but lowering springs will be coming down the line. Not too worried on weight as I do not track the Caddy.

Also, even if not in black, happily accept pics of either set on Vs. Some threads on here are older and the pictures no longer show up as have been digging in the forums for some.

Size, looking to potentially do 20X9 Front, 20X10 Rear but did read of someone running 20X10 square in the Niche, but feel free to share sizing inputs/used.
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