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Access to brake pedal position switch?

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Need to get to brake pedal switch, or at least plug/unplug it. Seems it's buried between steering column motors and dash support and pedals and I see no way in. Any tips?

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Ok, seems like either steering column has to come out, or maybe clutch pedal? I've got column loose, and that helped. I can wedge my hand in enough to touch the wire connector I'm trying to take off, but my hand is too fat to get two fingers in there well enough to manipulate it. Got wife in there (seat is out, we actually both fit in floorboard well enough for me to point and explain the mission before I snaked my way out). She apparently didn't want it bad enough. Said she was no where close. Which I find hard to believe given her tiny hands.

So...I'd like to take column loose. Bolt holding collar onto shaft at firewall, 4 bolts holding column up into the car, there's one big wire harness that disappears up to the left side of the wheel in the dash...anyone know off hand what that's headed for, or if it y's and tee's off into 6 different connections? Anything else I'm missing?

I feel like with the right 90deg needle nose I should be able to get this loose, but I'm nervous I'm going to booger up the connector or a wire working up there blind with pliers.
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Took out two nuts and two bolts holding column up, pinch bolt off, yanked column u-joint (and thus, whole column) off shaft, and then wife held it from rolling off my chest while I was on my back under there doing what I needed to. I never could figure out best way to get everything unplugged to where I could just pull the whole unit out and set it aside.

There's a lot structure under/around driver's foot well/dash area. Looks like it's good for safety, hard for running wires and working wire connections up there.
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