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Greeting esteemed CTS-V owners. I have been looking for a second generation CTS-V and am close to pulling the trigger. Originally, I was looking for a fairly stock one with just low-ish miles on it. Well, by fate I happened upon a car that was posted for sale in these forums almost 2 years ago. The car was sold and the person who bought it just traded it to a dealership.

This is the car, except it has about 2000 more miles now. 2009 CTSV 427LSX For Sale 61 K miles

I will be leaving a GTO, which I have been driving for the past 16+ years. Even a stock is a step up, but this one is a huge step. I plan to daily drive it, which is where the concern comes. With methanol injection, is it okay to daily a car like this? I mean as long as I keep it topped off and maintained, would be feasible as a daily? The price is about what a stock V2 would cost and this has probably all the mods I would ever want. Also, any pointers on what to look for when buying my car. Looking for thoughts from seasoned owners.

Cheers 馃嵒,

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Helluva great start!
You should investigate the tune and/or the tuner and make sure about fuel requirements as it sits. Mine requires I run it on E but yours make not depending on various things.
Congrats! We鈥檙e gonna need PITCHAS!

lots of em
Finally an update. After being on the hunt and many cars eluding my grasp, I finally landed a car. The one I originally posted in this thread had some tuning issues and the dealer took it to a local shop for work. Well, a week later I go looking for an update and the car vanished. 馃槹 So, the hunt continued and there was one fairly local that the guy told me "just needed some love". There was a blemish on the title for fire damage, but the title was technically clean (not branded, rebuilt, etc). I went to look at it and it already had a great start on the mods, cam, headers, injectors, etc. I asked if he knew about the fire damage, which he did. There was a fire in the engine bay, where the #8 injector was blowing the o-rings and fuel leaking on the headers. Ad from months before said it had 1350 injectors in it, but he told me they were 1050s AND there was still a fuel leak with the #8 injector. He claimed the stock fuel rail was the issue and a new rail and tune was the "love" that she needed. Too risky of a proposition, so I walked away from that one too.

I finally landed one in the Chicago land area that was originally spent her life in Texas, so not dealing with a rotting chassis from salted roads. I am now the proud owner of a 2012 Diamond Black Sedan, sadly an auto though ( I miss my GTO). Here is the first dirty picture I took of her, but plan to clean her up this weekend. Only mods are this neglected V Sleeper CF hood and an intake. So much potential though.


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The auto is pretty nice man. Don鈥檛 knock it until you drive it for a while. Congrats on the car
Thanks everyone. Rekkr, I will get accustomed to the auto, it has just been 20+ years driving a manual and takes some getting used to. It's the urge to downshift going into a stop, aka jamming it into Park! :ROFLMAO: I know it wouldn't go, but it's a heck of a thought. I'll post a proper Intro post with some pics here shortly. Now that I've had time to clean her up and take stock of the minor nicks and scratches she has.

New post and pics here: Who's New in the Lou? - 2012 Black Diamond Sedan
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