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2019 Brake Life Sensor TSB

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Ran across this today, after earlier problem in June that showed brakes worn out, though they looked fine. Even at 25,000 miles looked ridiculously low, Brembo 47D7331000 GGN19
19XCI241. $661 for a set at Dealer. I found this TSB that I hadn’t seen before where the system reports wear 16X more than actual, a simple bit
shift in binary.
Here is the link...
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I think this is in the wrong forum. But the dealer pads are always crazy priced for brembos. Additionally, I'm convinced GM has brembo supply them with cheaper grade pads for the factory. EVERY single GM car I've owned with brembos squeaked like crazy. Upon removal, they were brembo OEM pads with over half life left, and replacing them with quality aftermarkets silenced the brakes. EBC, powerstop etc can be had for less than 100 bucks per axle. Same thing on my Boss 302 with brembos.

My v3 has a TSB for noisy brakes where they just lube everything. It worked for a while until the squeaking came back so I put powerstops in and all good.
Which forum should it be in, is there a CT6 V forum with TSB section?
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