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2018 CTS-V IMSA Championship Edition GCC Spec

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Hello the internet,

Moved overseas recently and was looking for something fun and four door. Stumbled on a 2018 CTS-V Championship Edition in GCC spec (hot climate upgrades). I believe there were only 24 of these shipped to this part of the world and 88 made total. Ended up buying it about a month ago and have loved every minute of owning this car.

Here are some pics.

PS: Anyone know where I can get one of those carbon fiber engine covers?

PPS: There are a number of V's for sale in Dubai. The price point is pretty low compared to US. The locals go more for the Euro-flavour so the domestics don't get much love.

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Excellent find and purchase!

There are 2 versions of CF engine covers. The GM / Cadillac version for about $1000 and an aftermarket version for ~$400. You can find them both on US Ebay. The aftermarket looks like it is a good copy. I have one.

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Wow, I didn't think any championship editions were exported (Canada not counted as an export in this case). I thought all of the export cars were just the Morello Red Interior without the graphics. You want to satisfy a curiosity and look at the RPO sticker that's on the under side of your spare tire cover and tell me if it has "TD2" on it? If it does have TD2, does it also have "BAG"?

Does your VIN happen to be on the list that's on the IMSA-Morello Red Edition tab?
Thanks for the reply! I would love to find my RPO sticker but there is no spare tire and the well cover does not have it on the underside. I read somewhere that the QR code between the driver/rear door may have the info but the QR scanners I have just bring it up as the VIN.

Attached the VIN and the QR code.

I could not find it on the sheet you sent and a search for the VIN came up empty.


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