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2014 V - Looking for Stereo advice

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All of the threads i have seen are several years old and, well technology changes... Is there a good solution for replacing the head unit, i hate the fact that nav is useless since it is based on a DVD from 2015. I do like the ability to pause XM, but that only works on the current channel, the pioneer head unit i was using in my 300 SRT8 and my truck had the ability to buffer all your presets at the same time. I also dont like how the available channels are limited on XM, I cant get my Faction Punk!!! It could also use a tad more base. I do like the fact it is a real XM not paired through the phone as then on longer trips in remote areas with limited cell you dont have XM, but that isnt a deal breaker. I also love the clarity and quality of the OEM backup cam. Is there a good option to bring a more modern UI and features to my V. The only things i do not like are the stereo and the stock exhaust, but that is an easy fix...
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