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Well, it’s been 2 months. I want to make a post that’s geared more towards ppl who were like me searching the forums before buying one of these cars, but also ppl throwing some suggestions at me! So this might be a longer post, but lets see where it goes.

Cars a 2010 4dr w recaros, a sunroof and an Auto trans
Lets start with cons
1) i cant see a damn thing lol, blind spots are definitely abundant so be mindful of the road (obviously) rear glass is very small, and blind spots out the sides are something to get used to
2) trans gear ratio is ehh to me. 1st and 2nd seem very short. And the trans with the stock tune is slow so shift early. Hit redline a few times by accident shifting around 5500 because of the lag it has
3) sunroom clogging. When i bought the car it was snowing. Prior to me, the car was garage kept so it never seen the elements. 2nd day i had it i noticed water dripping from where the dome lights are, and now on the drivers side pillar because truth be told, i forgot and havent unclogged it. Just be mindful that this is possible
4) nitpicky, but, the dual climate control doesnt have dual fans, thats kind of just annoying that everyone gets the same fan speed
5) cold morning creaks, the steering rack innthe mornings when the cars cold is just squeeky for a minute. Not sure if thats just mine, let me know tho lol
6) tour suspension, it almost feels like theres no difference in the suspension from sport and tour, it gets a bit stiffer but i would think tour would be a world of difference for smoothness
7) the brake dust. Damn i cant keep the wheels clean
8) why do the front 2 windows have auto up and down on the drivers main control, but the rears are only auto down???

thats pretty much it for cons, most are just nitpicky

now the fun part
Pros: everything else. Dont let anyone tell you to not get the recaros. Yea the basic seats are like a limo, but the AC seats are perfect if youre like me and need all the cooling. Car handles all types of weather. Driven it in snow, pouringg rain, freezing temps, and bright beautiful days. The cars ready for it all. Shes got no problem driving like a town car, and loves to get rowdy when i throw her around! Definitely hauls for a stock car besides an intake tube. Sure, i live in NY (not far from nyc) so i blow through gas (12mpg if im lucky) but i cant complain about it. Sure, the nav looks like its drawn on w crayon, but its a 2010, car play didnt exist and theres companies who make a module for it. So if that’s something youre worried about, theres solutions and i plan to do it myself soon too. Ive driven this car every day for 2 months, its made me laugh consistently on how fun it is for a 4200lbs limo of car. Bottom line, i love this thing and cant wait to throw more power at it and update certain things to bring her into the new decade of cars!
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