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Has anyone installed a trunk tank with pump and kept the other pump?
Maybe it'll be to much load on the alternator.
Yup did this, the problem I had was, the trunk pump moved more volume that the front one, so I didn't gain anything. Now I have a CW400 pump in the trunk and that thing kills through the entire system. If you add the extra hose to the front then back and that I can still spray 4-5' stream from the hose at the end of the system, i'd say its all the water movement needed. I'm sure the EMP will do the same.. The biggest thing I see is not going to crazy on boost psi.. guys are 15-17psi (on 1.9 blower) which is a ton of added heat that you have to figure how to cool, and in FLA it doesn't happen. I'm installing a chiller now.. I'll be posting my thoughts and results soon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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