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So this Sat I was the road course. Started the day off with my EVO and did so 20min Sections with that then in the after noon I switched over to try out the V for the 1st time at the road course. I felt this would my last time to try the V around the road course since I feel my next round of mods will kill the car for 20+min of sustained abuse.

I will try and reacap as best as I can.

Car is a 2009 AT Sedan V running 380 tread ware Continental Extreme DW on stock 38k Breaks. Running a 2.5, 3in mid pipe to stock mufflers & new era intake. On the Street drag tune on high oct fuel she makes 540whp on a Dyno Jet. running around 22deg timing @ 12.0 AF. For the road course I knocked the timing down to the hight teens and the AF to the low 11s.

So on to my day at the track.

1st section out I was driving the car pretty easy getting a feel for it since that was the 1st time out on the road course in anything other then my EVO. I found out real quick that running full traction control really killed the cars ability to pull out of a corner at all. So I ended up in Competitive mode by the 3rd lap which did very well.

2nd Section I turned up the wix some since I was in the ADV Class and I did not want to be the slow guy:) About 10min I got the rear diff over heat light and then about 15min I could tell I was loosing the brakes so I backed way off to do a few cool down laps. Good thing I did because on my way in on one corner I did go to give some light breaks and the pedal went right to the floor :(. Good thing I was going pretty slow at that point so just did hard turn in and scrubbed enough speed off to make the corner.

So once I waited about 30min for things to cool I bled the system with the Motol 600 I run in my EVO. I did not get any air out of the front, but the back I did get a few bubbles. So I am wondering if it was the 4500lb car with passenger pushed hard that lost the breaks or the Stable track trying to keep me straight coupled with hard brakeing that boiled the fluid?

To compere the EVO VS the CTS-V. So while there is not much to compare in lap times. (Evo way faster) 450hp 400TQ 3300lbs, Hankook R-S3s, Full racing pads vs the CTS-V 380 tread ware stock pads.

So while most would think a AWD EVO would be a dream to drive that is not the case. My EVO really needs to be under power for the car to grip and turn right so I am always fighting the front end and at times you have to get on the GAS to make it work even though it does not feel right. The CTS-V on the other hand is the complete opposite. The front end feels so planted seeming no matter how fast I come into a corner I turn the wheel and it just goes, but of course the exit speed is much less then the EVO. While I know my EVO could use more camber up front for turn in the CTS-V for being my 1st RWD car around the track was very easy to drive and felt way better then I thought it would other then the loss of brakes.
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