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It's been a few months & the weather is finally getting nice.
I've been doing some testing on the new build.... still working out the bugs.

Luckily, I tested out the intercooler brick before adding water as it had an internal leak, which was not visible.
This would have been a bad deal to hydraulic the engine.
I bought a new reinforced one & all is good.

I had a little transitional, knock when going full throttle as the enrichment kicked in, but none at full throttle.
That is cured now... Still only at 15 degrees timing though with an 11.2-11.5 air fuel ratio on 93.
Still making some corrections here.

I have the Interchiller installed which turned into a tortuous adventure.

After waiting a few months for it to arrive, I had to source many fittings to install it & some naturally (like most things in this current state of the economy) were not available...
I had to weld up a few pieces to make the appropriate connections.
I've learned to hate welding these little aluminum tubes.

Here is the solenoid & tee fitting setup to adapt the chiller.
Bicycle Automotive tire Bicycle accessory Bicycle handlebar Bicycle part

Also, the biggest under-hood tank I could fit was 1 gallon.
Still finalizing the final bracket for it, but it is in place & functional.
Let's just say there is no room for anything under the hood.

Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

So, the first ride with the chiller in place & I'm pretty happy.
On a 75 deg day, I am getting 62 deg IAT's with the AC running full cold in the cabin.
With the cab AC off, the IAT's are lower at 53 degrees.

I managed to make a bracket & fit everything up under the front bumper.

Hood Motor vehicle Car Automotive design Vehicle

On a 0-100mph pass the IAT's went from 62-80 deg.
So far, I'm getting 150kpa at 2400 & 155kpa from 4000rpm & up.
I'm currently 10% over stock lower, but boost is slightly lower than I expected.
I may look into some different pulleys.

Unfortunately, I just shredded a blower belt, but not during a hard pull... it did it while driving around.
I adjusted/checked tension twice over 10 miles & it was all good just 5 miles before it failed.
New one will be here tomorrow, so crossing my fingers & will try again.

Currently 1st gear is all but useless on 305/35 NT05's & second loses traction from a roll when it hits 5000rpm.
Of course, Drag radials are nowhere to be found & I do not want to drive it much on these.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread

You hardly notice the slicks on there unless looking for them, which should be fun when out at night.

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car Vehicle

I'll update again when I get it dialed in & have some more info.

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This build is seriously awesome! Great work and attention to detail

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No, it was a Gates RPM.... I bought 2 Green HD's for the same price.
Hopefully 1 works well & I have a spare.

Alignment is spot on & it stayed in place after shifting it at 6500-6600rpm multiple times, only to fail when driving it slowly.
The biggest piece of belt I found was 2 ribs about 6" long... the rest was just strings & yellow fuzz.

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New green belt is installed & after a few passes all seems well.

I did notice I hit 155kpa until 6500 & then it goes up to 160.
Any ideas here? It seems a little lower than expected with a 10% lower.

I want to measure the inlet restriction to see how my air filter flows, but I would expect a boost loss up top if it was a major restriction.

Testing IAT's, I found that letting it heat soak & starting the vehicle they come down to the mid 70's quickly & hold in the upper 60's until driving around & getting some airflow.
Then I get back to the 50's rather quickly. From a cold start I was driving around with 43 deg air for about 10 miles.

I made a street 1/4mi pass after a slight heat soak to check for detonation... fortunately still none, but only 15deg timing.
IAT's started at 70 deg & rose to 95, lifting at 126mph
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