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‘11 A6 Wagon…Stage 2.5 Update

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Project: 2011 V Wagon, purchased 2020 with 21,485 miles

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Stage 1 Mods, performed by owner, costs ~$5,200.00
- TSP 2” Headers with 3” green cats & X pipe to stock 2.5” mufflers
Airaid with green filter
FIC 850 (94 lbs/hour at OE 58 psi fp)
Griptec 2.55 upper pulley and Lingenfelter solid isolator
Fluidyne HX
NGK TR7 IX plugs with MSD wires and DCI spark plug heat shield
Dyno Tune in Kirkland Washington by Troy at Carburetor Connection

93 Octane Pump Gas, 542 whp / 532 tq

Stage 2 Mods, performed by owner, costs ~$1,600.00
Pierburg 150 intercooler pump
Replaced stock pipe Intercooler lines with 12AN to ORB braided hose
DSX Under hood HX reservoir
Motion Raceworks Steam crossover kit
Aeroforce Interceptor OBD2 gauge to monitor IAT 2 and AFR

No Dyno but IAT2’s are well below 20 degrees above IAT1

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Stage 2.5 Mods, performed by owner, costs ~$8,200.00
Griptec 2.45 Upper/ATI Damper with DMS 8.8 lower
DMS Billet Lid
ProMeth ZL1 Methanol Kit with solenoid and 3rd nozzle (pre and post boost)
Radium Engineering Billet Fuel Rails
6AN Fuel lines for easy, future E85 integration if needed
4AN braided methanol lines
AEM 30-3300 Internal MAP Controller
AEM X Series Wideband with OBD2 Integration
New Gates HD AC Belt
New Gates HD Green water pump/accessories drive
New Gates HD Green supercharger belt

Dyno Tune 1/27/2022

Pump gas tune, 560 whp / 624 tq - pulley change only and cooling mods, up 15 whp and a lot in torque!

Meth tune, next week

Bugs being sorted out then return next week. Pump too small- ran a little lean up high. Got the 75L pump, initially thinking single nozzle pre boost, but need the 190L for the 4 nozzle post boost. Sensor wiring making controller blink and led not working.

Dyno showed great torque gains and you could definitely see where the cam stops at around 5800.

No pics of chart till I get the meth sorted.

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Stage 3 coming soon!

Lingenfelter 10.1:1 CNC LSA Heads. Flow I 358 at .650”, E 234 CFM at .650” (or equivalent)
Cam, TBD. Been looking at Steve Morris Racing Stage 2 Asymmetric lobe
Cam supporting mods by Steve Morris Racing
Dyno TBD

Stage 3.5
Synergy or Kong blower porting
Katec or NW 103 TB

Curious what gains are for porting at this level, that is why it is scheduled last. Will be looking at percentage of gain which should scale across the board.
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Final tune and dyno numbers~pump gas and e85~ stock bottom end and stock blower

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Went to Test n Tune today at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington. 1st pass was 11.90 @ 122, second pass 11.03 @ 133 (that’s when they told me I needed a fire suit so I got one at the Pro shop), last pass was 10 96 @ 134 spinning down almost the whole track. Then drove hone with a McLaren and Lambo. Great day all in all!

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