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‘11 A6 Wagon…Stage 2.5 Update

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Project: 2011 V Wagon, purchased 2020 with 21,485 miles

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Stage 1 Mods, performed by owner, costs ~$5,200.00
- TSP 2” Headers with 3” green cats & X pipe to stock 2.5” mufflers
Airaid with green filter
FIC 850 (94 lbs/hour at OE 58 psi fp)
Griptec 2.55 upper pulley and Lingenfelter solid isolator
Fluidyne HX
NGK TR7 IX plugs with MSD wires and DCI spark plug heat shield
Dyno Tune in Kirkland Washington by Troy at Carburetor Connection

93 Octane Pump Gas, 542 whp / 532 tq

Stage 2 Mods, performed by owner, costs ~$1,600.00
Pierburg 150 intercooler pump
Replaced stock pipe Intercooler lines with 12AN to ORB braided hose
DSX Under hood HX reservoir
Motion Raceworks Steam crossover kit
Aeroforce Interceptor OBD2 gauge to monitor IAT 2 and AFR

No Dyno but IAT2’s are well below 20 degrees above IAT1

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Stage 2.5 Mods, performed by owner, costs ~$8,200.00
Griptec 2.45 Upper/ATI Damper with DMS 8.8 lower
DMS Billet Lid
ProMeth ZL1 Methanol Kit with solenoid and 3rd nozzle (pre and post boost)
Radium Engineering Billet Fuel Rails
6AN Fuel lines for easy, future E85 integration if needed
4AN braided methanol lines
AEM 30-3300 Internal MAP Controller
AEM X Series Wideband with OBD2 Integration
New Gates HD AC Belt
New Gates HD Green water pump/accessories drive
New Gates HD Green supercharger belt

Dyno Tune 1/27/2022

Pump gas tune, 560 whp / 624 tq - pulley change only and cooling mods, up 15 whp and a lot in torque!

Meth tune, next week

Bugs being sorted out then return next week. Pump too small- ran a little lean up high. Got the 75L pump, initially thinking single nozzle pre boost, but need the 190L for the 4 nozzle post boost. Sensor wiring making controller blink and led not working.

Dyno showed great torque gains and you could definitely see where the cam stops at around 5800.

No pics of chart till I get the meth sorted.

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Stage 3 coming soon!

Lingenfelter 10.1:1 CNC LSA Heads. Flow I 358 at .650”, E 234 CFM at .650” (or equivalent)
Cam, TBD. Been looking at Steve Morris Racing Stage 2 Asymmetric lobe
Cam supporting mods by Steve Morris Racing
Dyno TBD

Stage 3.5
Synergy or Kong blower porting
Katec or NW 103 TB

Curious what gains are for porting at this level, that is why it is scheduled last. Will be looking at percentage of gain which should scale across the board.
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Change of plans…

While at the tuner he informed me I was running out of fuel, like at 38psi on pump gas. That was before meth, so adding meth helped a little (back to 42psi). Time to bite the dreaded bullet and step up my fuel game before heads and cam. Decided on Fore Stage 2 from Mont Motorsports. Not upgrading pumps and lines for E cause I’m not going to run E for lack of availability. Getting FIC 1300’s, a NW 103 and 9.1 lower from them as well. Sending the blower and snout to Kong for the X port as well. The reason for this change of plans is that I became curious as to what the dyno machine will reveal for basically what is Full bolt on’s before cam and heads. I know there will be some who question this logic, but this is where my budget is at and will allow me to focus on what to do with cam and heads. For the record, I’m in to Mont $4k and Kong $2k. It was either this option or heads/cam for the same coin, less the necessary fueling requirements. See ya in a few weeks with results!
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Forgive me, I don’t see your mods in your signature…stock heads and running pump gas with what injectors are you out of fuel?

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Injectors are FIC 850. Fuel pressure was low (38psi) at 5800.latest dyno tune 602 pump gas, no meth.
Current set up: 2” headers, stock mufflers, Airaid, 2.45/8.6 pulley, Radium fuel rails. DSX lid, welded brick, pierburg pump, tank, hard line delete. Stock wheel & tire. What are you thinking?
I don’t know about the rails, seems like IDC might indicate injectors are maxed out but low pressure is probably one our both fuel pumps aren’t performing like they should.

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I don’t know about the rails, seems like IDC might indicate injectors are maxed out but low pressure is probably one our both fuel pumps aren’t performing like they should.

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That’s what I was thinking too hence the change of plan-fuel upgrades. IDC never got above 85%.
Good. Just think your stock pumps are fading.

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+1 to Karch, I took 850s to 765 on pump. (M6 with all of the goodies)

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Update 7.17.2022
Since last tune:
gutted cats per tuners recommendation
QTP cut outs installed
2.45/9.25 pulley
1300 injector- ready for E85
NW 103 tb
Kong 5” intake
Kong X port
Fore fuel system
~620 whp, very little timing (12 degrees) 18 psi boost and climbing?
Opened cutouts to see if boost would drop; it did not.

This is telling me we are at the point of New Cam!

The intent thus far was to see what whp could be achieved with max bolt ons, leaving stock cam, heads, blower. The results confirm the stock cam becomes a major restriction, indicated by the high boost number. Not convinced there is much to gain by porting heads as I believe gm has a good design within the stock parameters, but why leave power on the table when there are documented gains.

Next steps are send core heads off to be ported and cam selection.
Open to suggestions here…
It looks like the trajectory of the parts installed could easily hit 750 with E and meth. That’s plenty for my needs at this point.

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That is more pulley then the stock cam will want and quite a bit short of the timing it will want on good fuel
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So maybe a 2.75 or back to 3.0?
Timing will come when I get the misfire sorted out. Pretty sure it’s the plug wires…
Ok so I went with new plugs properly gapped to .028 instead of the factory.038, Accell ceramic plug wires, pullied down to 2.55/9.14 and things are looking good. 604 @ 16-18psi boost. I think I’ve found the limits of stock cam/heads.

Did not see any gains with port or intake meth injection surprisingly. AEM boost controller I’m being told is “lazy” so most likely going for Alky controller. Amazon E-85 sensor is garbage so going to getting one from DSX.

Hoping to see 650 ish when I get the E85 and Meth sorted out.

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Older post but any update on your build? #s seem low to me but if you're keeping the timing @12 it sounds right. Why not bump timing especially running 93 and meth? I would think at least 18-20 degrees.
Update 2023:
Haven’t driven the car much but last week the trans went out. I suspect the torque converter was showing signs, I just faild to recognize. Car wanted to die at idle, surged, etc then made a horrible racket and would not move.
Sending the trans to Circle D in Texas for Stage V, and while I’m at it having Tony Mamo put together a nice heads/cam package. I suspect when all back together will be above 800whp. I’ll keep you posted as Mamo parts start to arrive…
Would like some feedback on my cam selection please. Especially Rubber Duck if you have the time…

233/249 119+4 .672 lift with 1.8 rockers
Heads: AFR MMS 26x, flow 377 @ .650 intake and 251 exhaust (stock numbers, I suspect a little more with the mill and chamber work from Mamo)
64cc chambers for static compression ratio of 9.7:1
Circle D billet twin disc torque converter

Car is currently making 640 on pump gas. What gains should I expect to see?

I’m a little sketched out about the lift. I think it’s getting to excessive but was reassured that no piston to valve interference with the 1.8 rockers. Hence the 119+ LSA. Has anyonehere run that much lift?
Update May 2023

New Member: 700+ Club

Stage 4 Mods, performed by Carb Conn- Circle D- Tony Mamo ~$23,500
Circle D Stage 5 6L90 and 2800 stall billet converter, billet flex plate ($9k)
Mamo-AFR heads
Mamo cam
Yella terra 1.8 rockers
ARH Full drag exhaust system
Mamo Oil pump, gear, chain, push rods ($8k)
FIC 1200 injectors ($1200)
New GM coil-injector harness, both sides ($350)
Installation and tuning ($4500)

782…pump gas. Not bad I must say! Pretty shocked to see that but I’ll take it. Tuner expects~850 with meth and full e90. That’s probably punching it with SBE but if it goes, I’m prepared. Might just get the dyno number and plan on built short block before I grenade the heads.

Circle D6L90 transmission and billet flex plate and 2800 stall torque converter is fantastic. Not sure how to describe it other than the shift points are more “peppy”. It likes to hover around 2k rpm right at the beginning of the power band, and tends to stay in gear longer in Manual mode, but very tame at around 1800 in Drive mode.

Did add a new ARH Full Drag exhaust and man I got to say, that is what blew me away the most! Has a soft, subtle sound much similar to the stock mufflers connected to headers, but just a little more bass. Does not drone, quiet with windows up, but sounds amazing when you get on it. Definitely accentuates the cam chop too! Glad I went with this and I would advise anyone to spend the money on a good exhaust syste; your wasting your money on the “cheaper” alternatives.

Of course I have to give a Huge shout out to Tony Mamo for working me through the heads-cam design. He is no joke-great guy to talk to and super knowledgeable about LS platform. Could talk to him for hours. I forgot to mention though that this was the second most expensive part of this phase, let’s call it “Stage 4”. Also the most important and gratifying. The cam is rather large, lots of lift with 1.8 rockers. He wasn’t joking when he said this thing will make some power! Well the results are in and he wasn’t lying.

Although my tuner is going on a well deserved vacation with his family for the next two weeks, we have to wait until he gets back to dig into the e90 - methanol tune. FWIW, we ditched the AEM meth controller and went with an Alky controller purchased through one of the forum members (thank Rick!) This set up needs more than 1 reference point (boost) that the AEM is limited to. The Akly set up uses 2, boost and either maf or fuel pressure. We will use maf.

While it took over 8 weeks to get this thing back together due to some unforeseen issues and minor parts changes, I’m happy to have my wagon back, just in time for Spring.

pitchas and dyno results coming as soon as tuner gets back in town!
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Tony is great guy and those are real strong numbers. Tuned correctly that engine could last indefinitely at that power level. On E, you are about at what I consider a perfect power level for a RWD car (750-900whp). Not so much it's all but impossible to get traction anywhere below 70-80mph on the street and not so much you are always having issues. One area I would prepare for with that much power is upgrading your rear diff/axles.
Yeah, I think I’m happy at this level. Couldn’t even imagine what 1k whp would be like and in reality there is no where to actually drive it.
I did recently have the rear diff replaced under warranty with OEM, along with OEM drivers side axle. I really don’t drive that hard but may do some test n tunes, maybe a little sportsman class outings. Not going to try to break any records; just out of curiosity. My strategy would be to just drive through and trap as if I was driving on the street. Trying to be conservative on parts breakages!
I plan on taking my wagon to between 900-1000 with a 2650, but I will also run 15's on the back. I am the same as you, up to a year ago I had a 1/4 mile track 4 miles from my house. Even my 1300+whp GTR. I never launched hard at the track, the most abuse it got was a few rolling anti-lag launches. Just do not need the extra 1-2 tenths from the abuse. Even with the weight of our cars, how many cars are going to be faster that you run up on (in Mexico of course):cool:
Haha! Fo sho! Been seeing a lot of McClarens and R8’s roaming the streets. Can’t wait to surprise one soon, in Mexico of course.
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