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  1. 2016+ CTS-V Talk
    I told you guys I'd post pics of this awhile back and the email was buried. Here are some pics showing the different lid and canted IC bricks inside. FWIW
  2. Weapon X Motorsports
    Did the first cam swap on one of these to get more fuel since the rail pressure would drop over 19psi. There have been several torched cylinders, particularly #6 cylinder due to over boosted motors that dropped pressure on the street when it's fully loaded. Autocross and track racers have seen...
  3. Weapon X Motorsports
    Not even open yet and it's been a busy week! A couple of CTS Vs in and out with some minor mods, a C7 with an F1 and cam from Dayton, OH and another C7 up from Louisville area to get cutouts installed... and a couple of my rides getting prepped to race this weekend. :cool: This V2 got...
  4. Weapon X Motorsports
    I'll have full in-house porting services including CNC ported blowers and heads. But until then here are some pics of the new ported LT4 blower with port matched heads going on a customer's car along with ported LT4 heads, 18% lower, fuel system, headers, hx, hx tank etc. more pics of a lot of...
  5. Weapon X Motorsports
    Headed up to the Detroit Auto Show mid week to check out the ATS V and CTS V3! I can't wait for them, hardest part will be choosing a color. The matte white was unreal but I can't do it on both. ATS V CTS V3
  6. Transmission
    The 8L trans is proving to be outstanding already in the C7 crowd. Previous bone stock record with the A6 and a great driver was 11.5 and I'm not sure how much seat time Brent has (he used to have a TG CTS V coupe that was beautiful in the original Vossen video) but he knocked out an 11.37 last...
  7. Weapon X Motorsports
    When I burned up the common 3/4 clutch pack on my stock 6L90 trans, I talked to several companies before deciding to go with Circle D. Circle D seemed to have more experience out there than others with that trans and I also liked that they had worked closely with Rabbit and the fellas at Gforce...
  8. Weapon X Motorsports
    Matt and his wife Stacey are in town for the Mid Ohio race this weekend and they wanted to come down to Cincinnati and say hi. We had a great time hanging out at Holy Grail. The driving duo have really been drawing a lot of attention from a lot of well known names in the Cadillac Racing...
  9. Weapon X Motorsports
    September 1st is right around the bend and I'm sure somebody is wanting something for some fall race weather! I know I haven't been as active lately around here. Long story short, too many projects, bought another house, remodeling that, keeping my businesses tended to during the day, and I...
  10. Weapon X Motorsports
    For those of you with weak stomachs, move along... nothin' to see here ;) We're just making a little room!
  11. Exterior Upgrades
    The CTS V really does have the perfect front end, but the chrome grill just doesn't do it for everyone. Thus the dilemma of wrap, paint, plastidip - all of which have their drawbacks and don't last that long most of the time. You can get the high quality stainless steel one of a kind mesh now...
  12. Weapon X Motorsports
    These turned out AMAZING! They're pretty wild but just what I'm after for shows. I can't wait to get my carbon kit on there to compliment them. These PUR wheels are 12.5" rears and lips are 3" with a concave face coming out of them, which really adds some nice depth. Rear tires are Pirellie...
  13. Weapon X Motorsports
    Here is a comparison of my first stock CTS V base pull vs. the stock C7 base pull... both autos on the same conservative dyno. The dividends we'll see on the V3 from this new LT1 tech should pay major dividends!!! :)
  14. Weapon X Motorsports
    I really dig this wild ass look on a coupe!
  15. Weapon X Motorsports
    I really like this particular set.
  16. Weapon X Motorsports
    These are beauties!
  17. Weapon X Motorsports
    Let me know if you want a quote on them! These are an upper echelon wheel, more on par with your HRE and MHT wheels. I want this car too!!!!
  18. Weapon X Motorsports
    As most of you guys know, I worked closely with Weld and was the first to setup the CTS V world on their drag wheels for the coupes, sedans and wagons. I was eager to bring a solution for the C7 as well. I finally got my wheels mounted up and on my C7. The fronts are 18x6 on M&H skinnies, the...
1-18 of 26 Results