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  1. 15mm spacer for coupe

    Recently I found out I had the sedan wheels on my 2012 coupe. So I'm looking at hub centric wheel spacers now instead of spending money on new rims. The rims I have now are black chrome and I can only seem to find satin coupe rims that are OEM. Weapon x offers the spacer in 15mm and I'm...
  2. Competition Sway Bars For Your V2... We could have your answer @ WEAPON-X Motorsports

    Weapon X Motorsports
    ARE YOU STILL LOOKING FOR FRONT AND REAR SWAY BARS? We are just about finished on our group buy production run of front and rear sway bars (sold out already) for the V2. I have had interest from a few people just this week that are still looking for a set. So, I will do another batch of 10+...
  3. V3 Whipple Results!

    2016+ CTS-V Talk
    Will be posted later this week LOLOLOLOLOL I've got stats on the 3.75" wagon wheel and the 3.5" so far. Next up, see if the stock fuel system will support the 3.25" ;)
  4. WEAPON-X Customers - come on in... I want YOUR pics and build details for the new website

    Weapon X Motorsports
    As the shop is progressing along, I am retooling the entire website too as I have a HUGE area in the shop designated to warehousing and inventory so we can get you long distance guys parts quicker. So, as part of the face lift, we are not only going to be updating a lot of the site pics but...
  5. Ran low 11s today in the ATS V, getting closer to 10s!

    Track Racing
    I won't be the first to hit 10s as I was hoping since tracks will be closing here, but I've made some good progress the past month. Before you numb nuts start clowning on the missing two cylinders LOL the car actually sounds pretty good with this exhaust, if you listen to it on speakers with...
  6. WXM Wide Eye HID Fog Light Kits in Carbon Fiber - IN STOCK!

    Exterior Upgrades
    Got a lot of our carbon fiber kits in stock right now including the Carbon Fiber fog light bezel kits with HID fog lights. I'm running a special right now at $425 shipped with carbon fiber fog light bezels and HID fog lights and $325 shipped without the fog lights. PURCHASE WXM - Fog Light...
  7. Weld's customer service is top notch

    Just wanted to post a thread to say what a great job Weld did handling a situation that could have been very frustrating for me. I ordered a rear set of Weld RTS S77Bs through Ben (Weapon X) and when they showed up at my door 5 weeks later I was disappointed to see that upon inspection one of...
  8. Some pics of clients V from UAE - V-Sleeper Hood on a coupe

    CTS-V Pictures
    Omar sent me these today and thought I'd share them. Gorgeous pics... looks HOT out V-Power hood on this, not Sleeper. Great diffuser and exhaust tip!
  9. Michigan Mile - goal: first V over 200MPH!

    Event Calendar
    July 5-7 Registered Class 1 but if cage isn't in by then, I'll drop to class 2 and expect to get the boot on day 2 or 3 lol Ordering a set of TD 18x10s and looking at Toyo R888, 275s and 305s f/r as DRs aren't allowed obv. Pretty excited, I've been wanting to hit an event like this. First...
  10. WISH LIST is up at WEAPON X!!! Christmas? Birthday? Planning your future?

    Weapon X Motorsports
    I've made some adjustments with the help of Tranlux so you guys can create an account prior to purchase! Why would you want to do this you ask? So, you can build your WISHLISTS! In the bottom right of each product button, you'll see a gold star, this will add the product to your wish list...
  11. weapon X "Customer Reviews" section... you might be in there now!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    I've been loading some of you guys up today and will keep adding till I get you all in. If you don't recall giving me feedback, drop me a line and I'll get it added with pics. You guys need to get some professional pics of your cars taken too! I'm not a narcissist (well OK maybe a lil) and...