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  1. CTS-V Pictures
    Finally making progress. Installed my hood over the weekend and painted my calipers. Not sure on the calipers but I can say I like them better than the silver. I'm always trying to be different and that's hard to do on this forum lol. There's actually a lot of depth and shimmer to the...
  2. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Well, we're into spring now and the hot days of summer are right around the corner. The meets, car shows, races etc are in full swing by now so it's time to think about putting a V Power/Sleeper hood on and/or a carbon aero kit! They're made in the USA and quality is top notch. We have a...
  3. Weapon X Motorsports
    I really dig this wild ass look on a coupe!
  4. Weapon X Motorsports
    While cleaning off an iPad before its departure, I found some pics I wanted to toss up. Enjoy
  5. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    OK fellas it's just in time for spring! The hoods take about 7 business days to make for fiberglass and about 10 days to make CF inner/outer/full. They get busy heading into spring though, so the lead time will take longer the closer it gets to warm weather for some of us. They're made in the...
  6. Weapon X Motorsports
    LOWEST PRICES EVER! I have a lot to celebrate this month! First and foremost, I'm celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the V POWER hood! Also, having launched for the V community, and winning CTS V of the month this month (close call Moose!), I wanted to really blow...
  7. Weapon X Motorsports
    I've been loading some of you guys up today and will keep adding till I get you all in. If you don't recall giving me feedback, drop me a line and I'll get it added with pics. You guys need to get some professional pics of your cars taken too! I'm not a narcissist (well OK maybe a lil) and...
1-7 of 7 Results