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  1. Messed up Transmission in 2016 CTS V

    2016+ CTS-V Talk
    Hi, I have a 2016 CTS V with about 20k miles that I bought at around 12k miles and am having issues with shifting. Sometimes in tour mode when the transmission is shifting from 1st to 2nd it feels like a manual car with its clutch engaged for around 1 second between the shifts. Between shifts...
  2. FS: A6 Transmission Filter & Gasket

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  3. Stock auto transmission is done, what is my next move?

    I have a 2009 Lsx swap, makes 600 to the wheels sae. The transmission finally gave out after 6 years at that power level. I realistically see this car at 800 - 900hp when all is said and done. Who should I get to build this transmission, or what company makes a good aftermarket one? Does anyone...
  4. Drive train hiccups, feels like a small kick when letting off the gas in certain gears

    General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    So I have been noticing a hiccup when accelerating, but mostly when letting off the gas. It feels like the trans has a slight slip on acceleration, and a slow and more violent than normal disengage in about 3rd or 4th gear. If I let off for a few seconds, all of a sudden a small kick comes and...
  5. Transmission HELP, No 4th, 5th 6th after WOT

    Soooooo Tonight while doing a WOT pull at the top of 4th I heard a pop. Now I no longer have 4th, 5th or 6th. Had to limp my ass home in 3rd for about 12 miles. intermediate shaft broke? What are my best options and choices to get it fixed? Car is Mid 700hp currently on stock trans.
  6. 6L90 3-5-R GONE. Teardown pics.

    Ever since I got into a V, I was never happy with the way this trans shifted. The 2-3 shift was always crap in sport mode, same with 4-5. The tuning started and we just couldn't get those shift points down, it would flare, jerk, everything it wasn't supposed to do. Finally after getting...
  7. Transmission leaking from nowhere

    Hey guys i have a 418 with a Magnuson 2.3 blower and meth on my auto V2 so i know its a matter of time before the auto trans goes, however recently there have been small puddles of atf under the car when i take her out in the morning. I have put the car up on the lift and it appears to be coming...
  8. HP Tuners Transmission Shift Point Help

    I have been trying to learn more about HPTuners to mess with more things to make improvements for my car. I have done internet searches and came across a few different places (different cars forums) hoping to gain knowledge to apply to the CTS-V. Currently I want to raise my shift rpm for 2-3...
  9. 2011 V SEDAN Automatic Transmission issues?

    Have 70,000km on my 11' sedan and A number of issues have started to arise which im addressing on the forum before my 80,000km warranty is up. When downshifting in most gears (say 3,000rpm in 3rd to 2nd or 4th to 3rd) the car downshifts, then almost exactly 1 second later hesitates or stutters...
  10. Dealer just suggested Rebuild/Replacement.. Opinions?

    Took my car to the dealership to get a rear differential service this morning. I also asked them to look into an issue I sometimes have with my transmission. Sometimes, when the car is in 'D' the car will for a slight moment attempt to start in 2nd before very quickly (sometimes aburptly) going...
  11. 2011 coupe a6 trans over heats then runs fine?

    Driving on the high way at 80mph in 6th. Car shifts it's self to 5th after about 10 more miles it says trans temp over heat.. Says pull over and all that.. So I let it cool down and don't see any fluid leak no coolers covered by any thing. So I limp to the kum and go.... And call my tuner and...
  12. Shift flare with bolt ons only.

    Currently my automatic sedan has a cat back exhaust and intake, nothing else. Just recently I started to experience shift flare above 4k rpm in the higher gears, only after I added the exhaust. Could a change this small be the cause? It's a solid second or two before it finds the next gear...
  13. do I need trans upgrade if...

    Do I need an upgrade if im pushing 600 rwhp? If so, what?