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  1. Track Racing
    2018 CTS-V. I've done one HPDE track day and encountered mild brake fade (I believe fluid vapor lock as the pedal was mush). Also, attended the Cadillac V Academy where it was recommended the brake fluid be replaced if doing track events. I contacted the local dealer and the service manager...
  2. Track Racing
    Anybody Going? Anybody have any past experiences? I am debating on making the trip this year.
  3. Track Racing
    Guys So Cecil is having Test and Tune Saturday. It is suppose to be low 40s with mid 50s humidity. Will the cars even hook? Even worth the trip??
  4. Track Racing
    Hey guys I know this will vary depending on car, build, altitude etc however just wanted to get an overall understanding about our cars. For the guys running 9s and 10s what are your typical shift points between gears? I am not looking for exact numbers just ballpark idea. 1-2?? 2-3?? 3-4...
  5. Track Racing
    Hey guys I have a V2 coupe and I am looking at getting a chute installed. I enjoy doing the 1/2mile events however slowing down from (160+) isn't near as much fun and picking up speed. Does anybody know a ballpark on the cost of the parts and installation? Just trying to get an ideal. Thanks
  6. Track Racing
    DMV guys, Who would like to head to MIR on Sunday Sept 24th for some test and tune and to see how many V's we can have in the 9s and 10s that day? Hopefully the weather will be in our favor.
  7. Track Racing
    Guys, As we are getting closer to the fall I was wondering if/when the next track rental will be at MIR? Since I work and am in school I need to really plan in advance but would love to officially own a 9 second V. Thanks, Craig
  8. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Hi guys, selling my mint, square setup of BMW factory forged 513M style wheels that mount up perfectly to a 2nd gen CTS-V. These are not staggered, were special ordered by the original owner, and are in fact a full set of 18x10 wheels with race-ready 275/35/18 Toyo Proxes RRs mounted and ready...
  9. 2016+ CTS-V Talk
    I'm about to purchase a second set of wheels for my 2011 CTS-V Coupe. I just bought the car in December, and love it. Whomever owned it previously couldn't park judging by the minor curb rash on all 4 rims. I've got about 32k on the car and factory tires. I'd like to make the set on the car now...
  10. Track Racing
    Took a drive out from Los Angeles to Sacramento to hit the strip and visit some friends with my fiancé (what a trooper and cheerleader she became) haha. Previous best runs were between 11.20 and 11.30 @126 mph with a 1.57 60' on my stock clutch. Well.... I blew the clutch a couple months ago...
  11. Track Racing
    Sooooo, Some of you have been checking out my Centerforce Clutch Install thread. I finally managed to get the car back together and working right late this week. I also got ~600 total miles on the clutch and about stop and go miles (Tireless driving around London) before I got her on the Dyno...
1-12 of 13 Results