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  1. Interior Upgrades
    So i have a 2015 CTS- and i had the windows tinted in 2.5% 3M tint but the guy told me the sunroof couldn't be tinted because of the tempered glass and it would get too hot and shatter. he claimed the heat couldnt go through it right with the tint and it would shatter or crack it. he said if i...
  2. Exterior Upgrades
    Hey Everyone! Just a general question on products used.. if someone can help me! Looking to tint the tail lights on my 2012 CTS-V, with paint and clear. Anybody know a good company for candy black?? Looking for something similar to the picture. Shout to hireman
  3. General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    Just made an appointment to have my windows tinted on my black diamond 2013 with graphite wheels and smoked grill. I am debating between 20%, 25% and 35%. I have 20% on my escalade and I think it gets a lot of negative attention because of how dark it is so I think I am going to step to 25% for...
1-3 of 3 Results