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  1. Drag Setup - Mickey Thompson ET Street II 305/35/18 + Cz06 Wheels

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    Hi guys, also selling my near-new Mickey Thompson ET Street II 305/35/R18 drag radials currently mounted on Plastidipped (don't mind the overspray - rubs right off) Z06 wheels that I believe are replicas, but fit without any spacers or weirdness on my car. I used this setup on my CTS-V with no...
  2. Drag radials sketchy in the rain (Nitto NT05r)

    Was driving in some good rain yesterday on the highway with some fairly worn "normal" street tires (285 Kumho Ecsta) and felt fine, I get some new Nitto NT05R drag radials installed today (305/35-19) and they sure aren't confidence inspiring and a little scary. I had read that MT were terrible...