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  1. CTS-V Pictures
    Bought a 2012 manual V coupe (black) in August 2014 Married December 2015 Son #1 September 2016 Son #2 February 2018 Wife loves my hobby and didn't want me to lose my balls or my identity... so I brought up the best possible solution since the invention of the zip-tie. An automatic wagon...
  2. Engine Mods
    I just broke #8 piston on my 05 CTS v. It's supercharged and I think the timing may have been off as well as my employee at work put regular fuel in. We are thinking of running a lq4 6.0 motor with a blower cam and my 2300 magnacharger. Ideally with the lower compression we will have a safer set...
  3. CTS-V'S For Sale
    Selling 2012 CTS-V wagon 70,893 miles Automatic Corsa exhaust Thundergrey Chromaflair 2 yr (from Sep '16) Assurant warranty I just can't ju$tify having this beast around...taking another look at finances. > I had the chrome strip above the rear license plate color-matched to the...
1-3 of 4 Results