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  1. Interior Upgrades
    So i have a 2015 CTS- and i had the windows tinted in 2.5% 3M tint but the guy told me the sunroof couldn't be tinted because of the tempered glass and it would get too hot and shatter. he claimed the heat couldnt go through it right with the tint and it would shatter or crack it. he said if i...
  2. Dealership Feedback
    Bought V from Classic Cadillac of Atlanta October 2019. They were horrible dealing with and had issues. I wouldn’t not recommend them to anyone. I regret buying from there but I was so excited for something I really wanted and that was the black on black that no one else seemed to have...
  3. Interior Upgrades
    So I've noticed a bit of rattle coming from the sunroof wind deflector with some bass notes (sunroof closed). Kept hearing a rattle even after installing sound deadening everywhere. Finally traced it down to the wind deflector bar. When I reach up and pull the bar down the rattle stops...
  4. Troubleshooting
    Hey guys, Apparently there was a little known Cadillac option for it to rain INSIDE the car, but I'm not sure how to turn it off, lol. I remember reading about clogged drains in sunroof cars, but never got off my ass to check them. Now El Niño is here and I'm screwed. Help me, QUICK!! Pretty...
  5. General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    My cts-v has a sunroof and every time I drive out/in of a parking lot at an angle it makes creaking noises. Is this normal? I have had cars with sunroofs before and this was never an issue. Is it bc of its large size? Thanks.
1-5 of 8 Results