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  1. Sold the V,selling a few items

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    I sold the V yesterday so I'm selling a few items I removed I'll post the pics later today when I get home. Spare tire set up comes with factory jack,spacer spare tire with the breaker bar and the socket. 260 must pick up no shipping I'm in NY area 11692 ZL1 lid brand new in the box,I got it...
  2. Can you put non-run flat tires on? Is there room in the trunk for a spare?

    I have run flat tires on the car (obviously) and I need to get new tires right about now. Has anyone had experience with putting normal tires on? I would prefer a longer tire life than I am getting out of the run flats. I know there is a space in the trunk, will it fit a spare? I have the...
  3. Tire removal/ raising the car

    General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    This is a stupid question but still help me since I am having a major brain fart. I bought a 2012 cts-v. What do you guys use to get the tires off and raise the car? The car does not have a spare and I want to be able to still have the tools to take with me on long trips to take a tire off in...