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  1. Troubleshooting
    I recently did my own pulley install and there was a metallic whine happening that forced me to remove the snout and evaluate the situation. Facebook land is leading me to believe that it's either the isolator pushing/forcing the supercharger rotors too far to the back or the bearings in the...
  2. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    I want to install this snout but I should get some headers first. Here's what I've got. 1900 blower with 20k miles. Rotors spin freely and the coating looks good. Ported LSA snout with 102mm TB inlet. Metco 2.5 pulley on an interchangeable hub. $1100 or trade for factory connect type sedan...
  3. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Both were sold locally thanks.
  4. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Sounds like mine has a bad bearing. Feel free to call or text me. Thanks.! J.R. 83 Two - 795-1750
1-4 of 5 Results