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  1. 6L90 3-5-R GONE. Teardown pics.

    Ever since I got into a V, I was never happy with the way this trans shifted. The 2-3 shift was always crap in sport mode, same with 4-5. The tuning started and we just couldn't get those shift points down, it would flare, jerk, everything it wasn't supposed to do. Finally after getting...
  2. Shift flare with bolt ons only.

    Currently my automatic sedan has a cat back exhaust and intake, nothing else. Just recently I started to experience shift flare above 4k rpm in the higher gears, only after I added the exhaust. Could a change this small be the cause? It's a solid second or two before it finds the next gear...
  3. 6MT Owners help

    Track Racing
    Anyone else's car pull the clutch pedal in when taking off? I Have a high mileage(90k) V that pulls it in for pretty much my whole 60. I thought it was my tired, old clutch that was obviously on it's way out but recently put a shiny new centerforce in there. First trip to the track with the new...
  4. Tremec 6060 Clutch (V2)

    I think on Saturday I felt the clutch slip on a hard upshift from 2-3. It did it again on Sunday going 70mph and dropping into 4th. It could have been traction but I doubt it was that at my power level. I read around a bit and dont see many options out there for our cars. I saw a review on the...