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  1. Track Racing
    Hey guys I know this will vary depending on car, build, altitude etc however just wanted to get an overall understanding about our cars. For the guys running 9s and 10s what are your typical shift points between gears? I am not looking for exact numbers just ballpark idea. 1-2?? 2-3?? 3-4...
  2. Transmission
    Currently my automatic sedan has a cat back exhaust and intake, nothing else. Just recently I started to experience shift flare above 4k rpm in the higher gears, only after I added the exhaust. Could a change this small be the cause? It's a solid second or two before it finds the next gear...
  3. How To Section
    I want to replace the "standard" steering wheel on my MY2013 Vagon with the one with suede - these are surprisingly cheap from gmparts. Anywhere I can find out how to remove the wheel? I poked around the forum but could not find anything. Some suggested that I should just get the dealer to do...
1-3 of 3 Results