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  1. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Few items that are for sale: - Used set of OEM Rotors w/ 8K miles on them (SOLD) - Used set of OEM Brembo Brake Pads w/ 8K miles on them (SOLD) - Used OEM Fuel Pump w/ 16K miles on it (SOLD) - New OEM Third Brake Light for Coupe ($150) - New 8.6 Lower Crank Pulley Ring for IW Balancer ($80) -...
  2. Mont Motorsports
    R1 Concepts available at Mont Motorsports Headquartered in Orange County California, R1 Concepts is the leading manufacturer and retailer of award winning automotive braking systems, namely high performance cross-drilled brake rotors and ferro-carbon and ceramic pads. With over 10 years of...
  3. Mont Motorsports
    Hawk Brake pads now available at Mont Motorsports Hawk Performance is a leading supplier of severe duty and high-performance friction brake products designed for motorsports and performance automotives. HAWK BRAKES - MONT MOTORSPORTS ^^^ LINK ABOVE ^^^ *** FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $250.00...
  4. CTS-V WTB Items
    All good. Thanks to for the help and lessons on how to troll!
  5. CTS-V WTB Items
    Let me know if you have em. Of course, I'm shooting for parts in solid condition. Thanks. -Rob [email protected]
  6. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    A couple years back I bought 2 pairs of Centric Premium rotors to use for a track pad comparison. I ran one pair of rotors on day 1 with one set of pads, then swapped to the second set of rotors for day 2 with a different brand of pads. After that the rotors came off the car and have been in...
1-6 of 14 Results