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  1. 1st HPED Event in the V traction control question? lost brakes

    Track Racing
    So this Sat I was the road course. Started the day off with my EVO and did so 20min Sections with that then in the after noon I switched over to try out the V for the 1st time at the road course. I felt this would my last time to try the V around the road course since I feel my next round of...
  2. Open Track Wheels - What are you Running???

    18" Wheel Options??? I will be taking the V to a few HPDE events this year (Sebring and Homestead). What wheels are you guys that open track your V's run? I know the TSWs seem to be popular. I am looking for a square setup in 18's. Not much info out there. Good news is there seems to be...