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  1. CTS-V'S For Sale
    Hey everyone, 3rd baby is on the way, and it's time to move into a larger house sooner than expected. The time has finally come to sell my wagon. The one thing better than my CTS-V Wagon is the community of guys that support it- so hopefully all the hard work I've put into this beauty ends up...
  2. Interior Upgrades
    Hey guys, been doing a ton of searching on how to re-upholster our recaro seats. I'm just looking to do the alcantara inserts on the front seats. My question is how do I remove the cushion parts of the seat that have the foam and alcantara attached to it. Has anyone tackled this project? My...
  3. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Black on Black Recaro Seats - heated/cooled I need to get pics of them, but they're great condition $1,999 shipped in the great 48! :cool:
  4. General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    Hello, everyone!! I'm new to this forum and I was looking to buy a 2010 cadillac CTS-V. it has 44,000 miles and has platinum cadillac warranty until 2019 or 60k miles. It is fully loaded with recaros, panoramic sunroof, parking sensors, etc. Also has clear bra on front bumper and front hood...
  5. Interior Upgrades
    Driver's recaro squeaks on every bump in the road. I'm 100% sure it's the friction between the right thigh bolster and the center console that is causing the squeaking. Anyone have a remedy? Thanks.
  6. 2016+ CTS-V Talk
    Hey guys. I ordered mine 2 weeks ago. White, red calipers, recaros, ultraview, suede, midnight wheels, carbon luxury and security package. Got an email from Cadillac saying my production start date was scheduled for Sept 14th. How long has everyone else been waiting? I figured it would take...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys. I'm new here and I wanted to go ahead and introduce myself. I'm from NC and just ordered a 2016 CTSV. I ordered it with Recaros, Red Brembos, UltraView Roof, Carbon package and in Crystal White Tricoat. My production date is set for Sept 14th. Now it's just a waiting game! I'll be...
  8. CTS-V'S For Sale
    Sold Sold please delete post
  9. CTS-V'S For Sale
    Currently in the market, and hasn't been easy finding a decent deal! We are awfully proud of our V's! Not to be too picky but looking for an Auto, white or black w/ Recaro's. Stock pref but lightly mod'd ok. Sub $40k. Already approved for financing, just waiting for the right car. I have a...
  10. Dealership Feedback
    So to make a long story short I took my 2009 CTS-V with Recaro's to Medina Auto Mall which is a Cadillac, Buick, GM, Dodge dealership. The problem was both front doors would not open and the driver's door only opened with the key. The drivers seats side bolsters would also not stay inflated...
  11. CTS-V WTB Items
    Hello all. Recent CTS-V Coupe owner. The car I purchased does not have Recaro seats and I would like to look at upgrading. Have spoken to a few dealers and they feel that they will be able to upgrade with minor modifications. If anyone knows of any for sale please let me know. Thanks.
  12. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    This is a front pair of Recaros in very good condition. Removed from my wrecked sportwagon. Priced at a $3400 option over the price of stock seats from the factory, these are near impossible to purchase from a dealer as far as my research has shown. GM lists a part number for them, but no...