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  1. CTS-V Videos
    Let me know what you think before I tear her down for the next phase of my build.
  2. Engine/Supercharger
    I have a 2009 cts v sedan and I want to make 800+ rwhp. Need some advice on what routes to take to make that much power. Here’s what’s done so far: GP Tuning stage 2.5 cam Weapon X HX Che Precision trunnion Brian Tooley Racing 685 springs titanium retainers American Racing LT Headers full 3in...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, my name is Dave, I have a 2005 CTS-V, standard LS6. Joined to get information on my car. Wanting to get my 1/4 time down, as of right now I have done the following: Intake, Tune, Thermostat, traction bars, and street radials. I'm at a 12.9, wanting to get into low 12s. Any ideas...
  4. Southeast
    Hey All!!! In the Nashville area for the next 2 weeks then in Memphis after that. Wanted to know if they're any car meets going on?? Would like to bring my V wagon...….. Thanks, Paul
  5. Track Racing
    Guys, Does anybody have any info or details on events longer than a 1/4 mile? The few events that I do follow seem to have less and less every year and I am trying to enjoy my car at WOT for more than 1/4 mile. I live in Washington DC and I am willing to travel a decent distance to play for...
  6. Other Vehicles Pics/Videos
    Last Sunday we decided to rip up my field. My EVO is the black one. About 400hp and 400tq on E85.
  7. CTS-V Videos
    Here is a video of my V getting the crap beat out of it by my buddys. I was driving the ETS GTR again so I let my friends take. Was trapping 156mph with 2 people and 153mph with 4 people. The car drove 10hr there beat on and driving back. Sure if fun seeing it beat up on all the turbo BMW's...
  8. Street Racing
    :D 245 pm sunny day in cali. I didn't want to race but I saw the guy trying to catch up (I never like to speed for any stupid reason), so I slowed down for him. He came by on my side and he initiated it. Kept up first three or four seconds after that all I saw was his headlights in my...
  9. Engine/Supercharger
    I would like to get to about 600 rwhp, or very close to. Im worried about the durability of the of the engine or charger. What do you guys think? I already have the following.... 1. MSD wires 2. D3 supercharger spacer 3. D3 high flow injectors 4. Airaid intake 5. Corsa sport catback I...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Just came across this forum and wanted to introduce myself. I reside in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. Purchased my V coupe early last summer and this car is a "keeper"! I have owned AMG's and M-Series sports cars and none of them compare to this V Coupe. I only drive it on the week-ends...
1-11 of 16 Results