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  1. Any one from Portland OR? PIR opens this Friday and weather looks good.

    Have not seen anyone from Portland OR yet but I figured I better try :) Gates open at 5:30pm and they race till 10pm. $28 to race $9 to watch and I think its cash only. Hopping to get some base line 1/4mi with my 540whp 2009 CTS-V hope I get to test the new 11.5 and faster rule with no cage...
  2. Straight line "track" video is for pansies - assorted road course clips within!

    Track Racing
    Might as well post this same thing on yet another forum. I've captured a number of videos and never really shared many of them, so I figured I'd just post a bunch in one thread. These are in chronological order, and you'll see that the videos get more advanced as I add more toys to my video...