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ported blower


    Going with a 2.55/9.55 pulley combo, stage 2.5 cam kit, cai, longtubes x pipe, ported snout, 93 tune (E85 is not an option) injectors, dw300c drop in pumps, ice tank and lpe pump. I got 3 choices can't do both, Ported LSA heads or Ported blower OR meth injection.. My bigger concern with the...
  2. Set of Bischoff ported LSA heads ready to go

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    GM spent money developing the LSA castings for a reason. If it were as simple to swap better material into the LS3 castings, they could've saved a lot of money on a low production car that way. A GMPD engineer told my head designer who did the heads for Katech and the ALMS Vette that the swirl...
  3. Weapon X ported 1.9L blower for sale (pics)

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    The first one is done and ready to ship. Porting is done by one of the top race engine shops in the country. You have options of: - 90 or 102mm throttlebody snout port match - your choice of 2.4, 2.5, 2.85, or stock upper pulley with solid isolator - ported heads are available with port match...