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  1. Track Racing
    Last night I had a chance to take the V out for my 1st time at the drag strip this year and my 1st time in a RWD car. This was on stock size Continental Extreme contact tires. Pretty happy about my MPH with my little mod list. 2.5upper,Mid pipe no cats, New era intake and tune by me, but the...
  2. Northwest
    Have not seen anyone from Portland OR yet but I figured I better try :) Gates open at 5:30pm and they race till 10pm. $28 to race $9 to watch and I think its cash only. Hopping to get some base line 1/4mi with my 540whp 2009 CTS-V hope I get to test the new 11.5 and faster rule with no cage...
1-2 of 2 Results