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  1. Exhaust
    Anyone know how B&B's new round mufflers sound compared to the older oval mufflers? I love the tone of the older mufflers but haven't found any sound clips with the new round mufflers they use (on the V).
  2. CTS-V WTB Items
    I just installed B&B test pipes on the V which currently has a muffler delete and now I can not stand the tone around 1800-2000 RPM's. I'm looking for a set of OEM mufflers from a sedan or wagon. Willing to pay or trade for a credit to use on our website for V parts! Looking for something as...
  3. Weapon X Motorsports
    Take 10% more off till the end of the month and PM for the unadvertisably best deal, you won't find a cheaper time to buy! Coupe, sedan, wagon: Headers to factory muffler Factory manifolds to performance cat back Full headers to performance exhaust Headers or muffler add on to existing kit...
1-4 of 7 Results