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  1. Trade my Stainless Works Axle Back Mufflers for Factory Mufflers

    We have a CTSV 09-14 set of Stainless Works Axle Back Mufflers. The Mufflers have been on the vehicle for 1 year. Our customer is wanting to go back to stock and will trade straight up for the factory mufflers back. Please DM or call Lashway Motorsports at 954-971-4383
  2. Idea's for my 07 Ctsv

    New Member Introductions
    Just picked up a Black 2007 Cts-v with 48k miles bone stock for $18,000! Due to California's thousands of rules and laws I'm limited on what i can do to my vehicle, also it is a DD. basically what i am posting here for is opinions on what my plans are and or things you recommend in the next...
  3. B&B Exhaust - Headers, Catbacks, Test Pipes, & more now available at Mont Motorsports

    Mont Motorsports
    Mont Motorsports is now an authorized wholesale dealer for B&B Exhaust Since 1989 Billy Boat Performance Exhaust has designed, tested, and manufactured the highest quality stainless steel exhaust systems available B&B Exhaust - Mont Motorsports ^^^ LINK ABOVE ^^^ *** FREE SHIPPING ON ALL B&B...
  4. KPE Perfromance Exhaust Group Buy?

    KPE Performance Exhaust Group Buy? Anyone interested in a Group buy for the KPE Cat-back or Axle back system? Available for coupe, wagon or sedan. We build a world class exhaust system and have been selling our products to Cadillac Dealerships for many years. We are making a push now to sell to...

    CTS-V WTB Items
    For a 2011-2014 COUPE.. Not going to lie... I went with a muffler delete, and definitely can feel some lost power. I shouldn't have gone the super cheap route! If you or somebody has a corsa, borla, or even stainless works setup for sale let me know! -Must see pics and be in great condition...
  6. Corsa sport 6k miles

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    I have some Corsa sport mufflers 6k miles. Work and sound great! I'm upgrading to headers to stock exhaust, so they got to go. Perfect working condition. Shop that installed dented one I can txt pics. :cool: even video clips of sound. I am not doing upgrades till next mo.i will repost when...
  7. More boost and loss in HP ??

    Quick recap about a month ago I was doing trans testing on the dyno and noticed after I was done my HP was down to 510 whp after just making 539 whp in looking at the logs it seemed that I had just moved down in the octane map. Made a post in the tuning section and found I should set my low oct...