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  1. Want to make 800+ rwhp, any advice??

    I have a 2009 cts v sedan and I want to make 800+ rwhp. Need some advice on what routes to take to make that much power. Here’s what’s done so far: GP Tuning stage 2.5 cam Weapon X HX Che Precision trunnion Brian Tooley Racing 685 springs titanium retainers American Racing LT Headers full 3in...
  2. Kristen, our WEAPON-X Spokesmodel talks about our Black Friday Sale! >$16K in prizes!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    Kristen, our WEAPON-X spokesmodel gives you quick feature about our incredible Black Friday Sale, where not only will you find the BEST deals, but also enter to win over $16,000 in prizes including Forgeline Wheels, a Whipple Supercharger, WEAPON-X Aero, Chiller, Heat Exhcanger, Store coupons...
  3. WEAPON-X Independence Day Sale - Win a SPI Kit or Chiller, Over $8K in prizes!

    Vendor Deals
    WEAPON-X INDEPENDENCE DAY SALE IS ON NOW! GRAND PRIZE: WEAPON-X Secondary Port Injection Kit or WEAPON-X Boost Freeze Chiller WEAPON-X's Independence Day Sale is always HOT with summer in full swing, car shows and cruise-ins every weekend, drag strips packed, and top speed events plentiful...
  4. Project El V-mino getting started with our new V wagon!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    We picked up a V wagon to start Project El V-mino next week. Car will ultimately end up with our X5 package, flex fuel, etc. and the plan is to build a 700+ wheel HP tire shredding beast that we can do our daily runs in and knock out some low 10 second passes at the strip on the weekend! The...

    Weapon X Motorsports
    It's that time of year again?! WEAPON-X sales can't be beat! What all you guys want????? It's hot as hell outside and your car needs more go fast love! BEAT THE HEAT with the WEAPON-X Summer Sale starting 9AM Friday July 21st! We're offering up TWICE the prizes again this time too...
  6. My First Major Mod Plan

    General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    Hello everyone, Tax season was good to me so the components below are either on order or about to be. (March V driving will probably strain my smiling muscles) So below is the list with what I think are the right prices: 2.55 upper pulley w/ hub and HD belt ($190) DMS flex fuel kit ($399) ID...
  7. 2017 WEAPON-X850 Escalade puts down 750whp on a Mustang Dyno!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    Bob D reached out to us at the end of last year to coordinate his 2017 Escalade getting some much needed hp! Bob lives on the PA border and we took delivery sight unseen from. KY dealer. We let Bob know we like at least 500mi on them before tearing into them so once that was completed, we...
  8. V2 WEAPON-X Griptec Upper Pulleys - 2.5, 2.4, 2.3, and 2.17!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    CTS-V2 Racing by WEAPON-X Motorsports ? Griptec Pulley Combos for LSA, LT4, LS9, etc. CTS-V, C7 Z06, C6 ZR1 We've worked closely with Griptec to come up with some proprietary co-branded pulleys for the LT4 CTS V gen 3! Upper kits are only $199 and you can do up to a 15% upper and we offer full...
  9. WEAPON-X Griptec 9, 11, and 15% upper pulleys!

    Weapon X Motorsports We've worked closely with Griptec to come up with some proprietary co-branded pulleys for the LT4 CTS V gen 3! Upper kits are only $199 and you can do up to a 15% upper and we...
  10. 10% off site sale now through the end of the month

    Weapon X Motorsports
    Just use SAVE10 at checkout and get ready for spring ;)
  11. weapon X "Customer Reviews" section... you might be in there now!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    I've been loading some of you guys up today and will keep adding till I get you all in. If you don't recall giving me feedback, drop me a line and I'll get it added with pics. You guys need to get some professional pics of your cars taken too! I'm not a narcissist (well OK maybe a lil) and...
  12. Having Mods Installed Soon - heat exchanger question

    I am going stage 2 on my mods in the next week. I already have on my 2011 Coupe - B&B Headers, high flow cats, and B&B Cat Back. My next mods are on the way from KDI. I am going with their street sweeper cam, ID850 injectors, 160 thermostat, 10" crank pulley, 2.85 snout pulley, idler...