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  1. WEAPON-X SPI Port Injection Kit: Plug And Play, Tank to Tip, No More DI Limits!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    Purchase here: We have been working closely with some of the supercharger manufacturers to provide a complete fuel solution for all manifold options as well as model platforms, and...
  2. AlkyControl Methanol Injection Kit (Pre Boost Meth)

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Hey guys (and gals), Selling my V2 AlkyControl pre boost methanol injection kit. Kit is complete, and also included a spare, unused, brand new pump as well. Brand new these sell for $650 to $700. Great kit, easy to...
  3. Washer Bottle for Methanol Injection

    Good afternoon All I have scoured the post and have come up with lots of great ideas... but I am looking for some counsel about utilizing the existing washer bottle for the meth/water injection. Before you go everyone starts going on about stand alone systems or containers... I am in a wagon...
  4. Mont Motorsports - Devilsown CTS-V Methanol Setup $389.99 SHIPPED

    Mont Motorsports
    MONT MOTORSPORTS DEVILSOWN ALCOHOL INJECTION - 09-15 Cadillac CTS-V Setup PM US FOR CTSVOWNERS.COM MEMBER PRICING Kit Includes; Progressive Controller - 30PSI Gen 2 300 psi pump with EPDM seals Heavy duty nickel plated check valve 15 ft of black high pressure nylon tubing 2 Micro droplet...
  5. Methanol tuning question

    I am installing a kit on my car in the near future and was wondering if I need to immediately retune my car after the install ie not turn the system on to avoid damage. is this the case? or is retuning just a way of getting the most out of the meth thanks guys
  6. GI: Meth/Icebox trunk combo tank for sedan

    Ok so I need this. I have two separate Devils Own tanks in the trunk. One feeds an EMP WP29 for water/coolant, and the other is for meth. The meth tank seeps methanol from the fuel cell type cap under lateral G's. The seals can't keep up with the meth. There is also no spot for a remote vent. So...
  7. Car in Storage with Alky Control System

    The question I have for anyone running the Alky Control, is if anyone does anything special if they have to store their car for long periods of time. I'm starting a new job and will have to store my car in a closed shop for months at a time. The Meth injection system I'm running uses the wind...
  8. Methanol Injection, meth only or water/meth pre blower?

    I just got done speaking with Julio from AlkyControl and he was saying you can't spray water through the blower, only methanol, is this the case? I had planned on running a 50/50 mix like I did in the past when I had a meth kit but it was on a turbo car. Are all you guys who have meth...
  9. Methanol Injection, nozzle in lid only instead of pre boost?

    So I know there are a handful of guys running meth injection, some with a nozzle pre blower, some with a dual nozzle setup for pre and post blower, but is anyone running only one nozzle post blower? Also if you are what size nozzle are you using? I can see their being a great benefit of having...
  10. Fuel

    Weapon X Motorsports
    click: FUELING This section will get the motor the needed fuel to make the HP you're after. Anytime you're adding more boost, you need to up the fuel supply. Larger injectors, Complete return system, Methanol Kit, NOS, etc... you'll find it here! pssst I have the spacers to make the...