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  1. Other Vehicles Pics/Videos
    Hi guys! For a short time I had an E90 M3, CTS-V wagon, AMG GT S and Tesla Model 3 in my fleet. Each morning I did a little mulling over my day's plans and then picked the car that fit my mood and the day. Typically, errands would get run in the Model 3 or CTS-V, track time went to the GT S or...
  2. Other Items
    I have a set of used Enkei NT03-M's. The front wheels are 18x8.5 with a +50mm offset and weigh a very light 19lbs. The rear tires are 18x10 with a +60mm offset and also weigh a very light 21 lbs. These wheels have several minor marks on the face. You can see them in the pictures I have attached...
  3. CTS-V Videos
    My rides went to battle against one another, the E55 tried to cheat but the V hunted it down haha.
1-3 of 3 Results