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  1. 2016+ CTS-V Talk
    18 CTS-V Looking at roto-fab intake, and a 9.17 lower by Lingenfelter, along with a heat exchanger and 1 gallon extra coolant tank Do I need headers for this setup?
  2. Weapon X Motorsports We've worked closely with Griptec to come up with some proprietary co-branded pulleys for the LT4 CTS V gen 3! Upper kits are only $199 and you can do up to a 15% upper and we...
  3. Weapon X Motorsports
    I'll have full in-house porting services including CNC ported blowers and heads. But until then here are some pics of the new ported LT4 blower with port matched heads going on a customer's car along with ported LT4 heads, 18% lower, fuel system, headers, hx, hx tank etc. more pics of a lot of...
1-3 of 3 Results